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Primary Care Providers

We are your primary care providers, your medical home and your first point of contact for all your health matters! Being rushed through an appointment is never the best way to treat what ails you. Wouldn’t it be nice if your doctors could take the time to get to know you? For instance, what if she could help you make gentle, gradual changes that support your long-term well-being? What if she could not only prescribe the prescription medicines you might need but could also offer natural medicine options and above all, help to select the safest and most effective treatment for you? This is what the doctors at A Balanced Life Health Care do every day.

Dr. Stephanie Vickers, ND

Dr. Julie Kahn ND, LAc, LMT

Angie Black, Nurse Practitioner at A Balanced Life Health Care

Angie Black, Nurse Practitioner

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