One of the most valuable services we offer is our skills and insights as diagnosticians.

Our experience, broad range of practice, and creativity help us identify optimal ways to help you heal. When we do not have those skills ourselves we have the humility to refer you to other types of health care professionals whose specialties compliment the services we provide. We are good at what we do, and these people are good at what they do. Some of the individuals with specialized skills and experience who help us serve all the needs of our patients include:

Nick Rinard PT MDT of Portland (physical therapist)
We regularly refer difficult to treat mechanical dysfunction cases here for through diagnosis and treatment

Oregon Screenwise Program
We have participated in this program since 2001. It is a wonderful and vital service for the community, offering a variety of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and genetic services for uninsured and underinsured patients.

Oregon Contraceptive Care Program- CCARE
We have been participated in this program since 2003. We strongly believe in its mission that there should be no obstacle for safe and effective contraception for all women.

Immune Enhancement Project
We refer to their acupuncturists for Chinese medicine treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, and HIV. Sliding Scale.

Rayus Radiology
We refer patients for most diagnostic imaging here – patient friendly facility, good radiologists.

Legacy Labs
We do the bulk of our laboratory testing here. Good pathologists on staff, patient friendly specimen collection sites, good discounts for the uninsured.

Mercy and Wisdom Clinic
We sometimes refer primary care patients here, particularly if they are uninsured and cannot afford our time of service rates (but received free services through our BCCP or CCARE programs).

Katherine Dahlke, MD
John Collins, ND
All skilled homeopathic doctors with decades of experience

Paul Puziss, MD
We refer to him for difficult shoulder cases.

Wei Li acupuncture
We refer here for very complex Chinese medicine cases

NCNM medicinary
Prescriptions for individualized Western or Chinese herbal formulas

Golden Cabinet Herbal Pharmacy
Prescriptions for individualized Chinese herbal formulas

Lloyd Center Pharmacy
Community Compounding Pharmacy
Compounding pharmacies can make individualized prescriptions as opposed to “one size fits all” prescriptions from regular pharmacies. We can do creative stuff like mix botanicals and nutrients with antibiotic creams, make pain medicine in cream form for medicine only where the pain is, and less whole body absorption, and making medicines to take in alternative ways -for example, taking it in drops or creams instead of pills.

ZRT laboratories
Saliva testing of hormones can reveal a richer picture than just blood testing.

EveryBody Physical Therapy
Sometimes we refer for retraining of the pelvic muscles for urinary incontinence in women.

Genova Diagnostics
Comprehensive and sensitive testing for pathogens in the bowel.

New Seasons Market
A great place to shop to encourage healthy eating habits. Sometimes we send patients here to pick up supplements that we don’t carry and can’t special order.

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