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We are pleased to accept incoming referrals for the procedures listed here, and others.

If you are a provider, please call us at 503-236-4580 or fax in your referral to 503-231-8400 to coordinate the care of your patient with the providers at A Balanced Life Health Care. If possible, please have your patient’s insurance information available when you call.

We are committed to delivering a good experience for all referred patients. This level of satisfaction is provided to reflect well on referring providers who chose to partner with us. If pathology reports are generated after a procedure, we fax these to the referring provider’s office promptly after they are received. If a follow-up is recommended, we outline recommendations in a letter to the provider and make it clear to the patient that they should follow up with their provider. Abnormal pap protocols have changed rapidly in the last few years and our partnering providers appreciate clear instructions.

We endeavor always to support the practice of referring providers by delivering services that complement their care as a trusted partner, never as a replacement provider.


Dr. Kahn performs colposcopies in a safe, supportive environment with aromatherapy and acupuncture support upon request. She can also provide a prescription for a particularly anxious patient. Dr. Kahn keeps current with the latest research on cervical and lower genital tract pathology, and adheres to ASCCP guidelines for colposcopy and biopsy.

A patient needs to be referred for colposcopy if they have a pap smear with any of the following results:

  • ASC-US with a positive high risk HPV test
  • LSIL without an HPV test or with a positive high risk HPV test
  • HSIL
  • ASC-H
  • AGC (plus endometrial sampling in some cases)
  • a negative pap smear, but a positive HPV test indicating type 16 or 18 (only in patients over 30 years old)

Other In-office Gynecologic Procedures

Additionally a provider may want to refer a patient to A Balanced Life Health Care for the following in-office procedures:

  • IUD insertions and removals
  • Nexplanon insertions and removals
  • endocervical polyp removals
  • endometrial biopsies
  • genital wart removals
  • labial biopsies
  • diaphragm fittings

With over a decade of experience providing most of these services, your patients are in good hands with us. We are also happy to provide a second opinion for patients with difficult to diagnosis genital lesions, or a gynecological exam that doesn’t look or feel normal.

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