Dr. Alicia McCarthy, ND


My journey in healthcare began while pursuing my undergraduate degree. I began working for an emergency ambulance company in L.A. and Orange County as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). I then transitioned into the emergency department where I gained invaluable experience that has set me up to become the doctor I am today. But, during those days in the ER there was always something missing for me. I continued to witness people coming in for preventable chronic diseases, and I became frustrated with the state of health these people were facing. That is where naturopathic medicine came into my life, being trained as a doctor who can provide primary care while having the education and tools to approach medicine from a holistic model and see that people are way more than a disease process. To truly help someone reach their optimal health I believe you need to include every part of their body; mental, emotional, and physical in the treatment approach.